POS Request: "Variable pricing" for loose weight sales

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Here's a feature request for you.

User sets a base price (either per kg or per lb) in the backend. When the user scans or clicks the product he/she is asked to enter the weight. Total price is then calculated automatically. Receipt show product weight, product price AND price per unit.

Easy. Make it happen! 

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Yes this a must for us as well, being a pharmacy our prescription price varies considerably based on the medicine and quanitity and drug coverage.

We are trying to use our shopify webstore to increase our sales of our frontshop items, and would like very much to be able to integrate inventory for physical location and frontstore, but can't do it at the expense of our current bread and butter.

Although very basic, square register lets you add an item with a variable price, we select in the app and it asks us for the price, so I'm assuming it should be doable, but until we have that option shopify Pos will not work for us :(

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Hi guys,

After adding a product to your cart, click on the product's name -> discounts > price override.

You can do so to the entire cart as well if preferred.


Happy Q4!

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