POS With Custom Products aka Can We Edit the Theme Yet?

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My company has been wanting to switch our brick and mortar stores to Shopify POS since the day it was released. But we sell custom, made to order furniture. As you can see no order would be the same, and each product has different options the visitor has to choose:


This wasn't easy on the web platform, but I really fell for Shopify so we made it work. 

If the POS allowed us to edit the "theme" or interface this would so an extension of how we use the platform now (although I think we'd re-design the experience to mirror a POS feel).

It has been a year since I checked into this and I can't believe we are still locked out of editing the POS, is there any hope out there? Has anyone found a workaround? Doesn't look like you can even interact with an API.

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Hey Frank.

We completely understand where you're coming from here. We're always trying to improve the platform, and the only way we can do that is from our merchants suggestions :)

As you know, currently this isn't an option. However this is definitely something that I'm going to bring up with our mobile development team. 

Cheers, Elliot