POS didn't compute sales taxes properly

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My home location is in Virginia.  I also have dropship locations in a few other states.  I have my shop configured so that it correctly charges taxes for online purchases based on the shopper's location.  That's Great!

Last weekend I took some merchandise to another state for a little in-person vending.  It was in West Virginia.  I set up an alternate shop location "Wheeling, West Virginia"  I didn't know the precise address where I'd be, so just put the city and state.  At my first sale I noticed that the POS tried to apply Virginia sales tax.  I couldn't figure out how to make it compute West Virginia sales tax, so I ended up just turning off sales tax on every order all weekend.

When I configured it to "automatically compute tax from my GPS location" it gave me the error that it couldn't figure out what the tax should be, so defaulted back to my home shop location (Virginia).  Is this a known bug in POS?  Did I miss something in my config to make it work correctly?

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, Shanon!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

When you were creating the new location on the POS did you also add in the zip code? For the tax option to work correctly you would need to have the city, state and the zip code.

As for computing the tax based on the GPS location, before it could pull up the taxes of your current location it would need to be added through the admin. The idea behind it is if you have a few different locations where you sell from when you move from one to the other the system will pick up on that and charge the appropriate taxes for that area. :)

Hope that helps :)