POS discount codes?

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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a few standard discount codes in Shopify POS? Currently, we have to type in the name of a code (eg "employee purchase") and then type in the percentage discount. And we have to do that anew with each order... It would save time and provide for better tracking to have a dropdown list of available discount codes in the Shopify POS cart screen. Thanks

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We need this for our POS as well. I have talked to a few people from shopify and the only answers I get are "it's in the works" or "I'll put in a request for this" 

So frustrating! 

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"I'll put in a request for this" 

Yeah, I get that response allot. :(

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Please add this feature!

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey all!

Thanks for this! Sometimes when we Gurus give the "add it to the list" reponse, it's just because once a request is set up, we add more stores or more owner emails to the list and that helps developers know how in demand something is.

If you have specifics that you want, post them here! I'm keeping an eye on the thread. :)

-Alex M.

Shopify Guru | support@shopify.com

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Adding my name to the list of people who would like discount codes for the POS.  We run a large event and some people are eligible to receive free items from our official merchandise booth. I need to be able to track how many people have picked up the"freebies" as the event proceeds.

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Please add the-beehive.myshopify.com to the list of interested stores who feel this is a necessary component of POS.  Thanks. 


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Adding my request too. 

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Yes, this feature is a must!  

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This is needed to track coupon efficiency, standard discounts can be grouped, etc. Very important to have in the POS