POS....does anyone at Shopify know anything about this!?!

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Very frustrated! Today I called when I ran into a road block setting up the TWO pos systems I recently bought. I was placed on hold only to be told a POS specialist was busy and would call me back. FIVE hours later still no call! Luckily this call was just about how to set up my hardware. God forbid I was up and running having a technical issue that needed fixed immediately!

This is the third time I have called in with POS questions only to be told by the person I got that they don't know anything about the POS. Seriously considering sending everything back and finding a system/company I can count on to provide the knowledge and support needed to help run a business!   

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Tiffany,

Very sorry to hear this, we are working to improve on this, demand for POS has been very high.

Send your phone number to andrew.paliga@shopify.com and I will give you a call right away.