POS - product exchange or refund without receipt or order #

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There needs to be a simple way to effect a product exchange or refund without having to resort to the cashier breaking out a pen and paper to write down what happened and then for Admin access person to go in and amend inventory accordingly.  It is impractical to assume every exchange and refund has quick access to the original order# or that it can be found at all when business deals with limited customer ID for each transaction.  To assume customer data is being collected for each transaction or that vender requires a receipt is too big an assumption.  What is needed is a simple exchange button that allows a swap of product and where value is different a balance is displayed that comes from cash register recorded as refunded amount.  A full refund is even easier.  There is no fundamental reason to have to do this through the reversal of an historical order.  The product is out there and as a vender if I am willing to accept a product in exchange or refund the requirement for a receipt is mine and mine alone.  This optionality is critical and needs to be addressed with priority if Shopify POS is to be taken seriously.   I have invested heavily into Shopify for what it is and it moving quickly address obvious deficiencies.  My business has many students and hence witnesses many exchanges a week.  So now I have clerks writing down these transactions in a book as if Shopify is more third world technology than cutting edge.  Lets get this fixed in short order.  Please do not refer me the video on exchanges as that assumes I have the original order from which to amend.  I never have the original order and for shopify to assume any and all exchanges require an ability to identify historical order is simply wrong!

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I agree!


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We set up our POS yesterday and realised this is going to be a huge issue for us. We have been using a POS system that has the past 6 years of transactions recorded. When we swap to shopify, how are we going to refund an item that has been sold over the past 6 years on the existing system?

It could be as simple as making it -1 during the transaction, surely? Has anyone else managed to solve this issue?

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Could not agree more.  The simple process of a return or exchange (which is in effect a return in part) has been completely over looked by Shopify and after a year there is still no update to this POS 101 matter.  Every POS on the market lets you do a negative transaction.  I mentioned this issue to a rep for shopify competitor and he was shocked as he did not know and went straight on to call his boss to get this major deficiency into their sales pitch.  He thought it made Shopify look like a playsckool product.

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There is also problems when your order has items with different taxes and you want to refund one of the items.  It will refund the WRONG amount be careful, I'm still waiting for a fix on this issue.  Another issue surrounding refunds is that the reports give you WRONG sales since it takes refunds and ADDS to sales instead of subtract.  

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Alex - just to clarify your last sentence, what Shopify actually does is not remove the original sale in Product reports unless you cancel the original sale notwithstanding the fact that refunds restock the item into your inventory.   Therefore when you do a refund the original sale still stands and if exchanged for something else now you have two sales not one.  I devised a protocol to give a discount on the second sale equal in value to what they gave back but that was when I realised that discounts are not reflected in Product reports and hence did not solve the problem.  It is entirely illogical on so many levels and since it still stands after a year I fear that Shopify has abandoned POS development.  

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Each time a customer comes in to our store and wants to return a product and ask for a cash refund I feel an intense hate against Shopify, this happens almost everyday

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Hey all!

I totally understand the need for this, and I've made a note of it for our POS team to look over. It can be tricky when moving from system to system or even just having someone's spouse come in to do an exchange - we don't always know the order number for something that took place a while ago!

Alex - with the refunds, is the issue that it'll refund at the tax rate of another item and so not refund the full amount, or refund too much? I'd definitely love to see an example of this in action.

Reports will depend which type of report you're using, as they're designed to show different combinations of net sales, gross sales, and refund statuses.

If you've got extra detail, I would love it. Let me know!

-Alex M.

Shopify Guru | support@shopify.com

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Alex - not sure I understand your confusion on reports.  The fact is that Product Sales reports do not get reduced for any refunds full stop.  Just try it.  Effect a $50 sale and run any Product Sales report.  Then refund that order and run any Product Sales report and you will see the sales value of $50 on both the before refund and after refund.  Then assume the customer actually came in to exchange a product and so refund step one and new order step two.  Now you run the reports and will see$100 in sales.   There is no way to filter it out in any Product sales reports even for full paying customers.  This is a fact and I have had numnerious discussions with your team and am supremely surprised that this issue appears to be new when it was suggested by your colleagues that the issue is being resolved as it is fundamentally wrong.

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Please please find a way to make a "custom" return possible!!!
Our business takes in used books and gives a store credit towards the purchase of other used books.
Right now our only possibilty to make this work with Shopify is to have a varient in each product for "returns" which we sell off when we tak in a book, then also sell off a gift card to the customer to track their store credit.
This is insane, as our inventory has to be constantly manually updated and sales reports are a mess.
It would all be fixed easily if we had the ability to process a return that did not require being associated with a previous order.
This is really a very basic POS requirement, and it is a bit shamfull that Shopify has not made this possible yet.