Physical Gift Cards double-counting sale?

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Stephen34, I've seen your comments in a couple of threads about syncing Shopify and Quickbooks and so I'm curious if you looked at using Quickbooks Online and how it supposedly syncs with Shopify?  Coming from QB POS I'm used to a pretty robust inventory accounting and receiving program and am looking at Shopify Retail POS but have alot of questionmarks.  We are currently syncing Shopify website to QB POS but the intergration is messy and slow at best and I'm curious about the QB Online although I don't believe it's as detailed as Desktop.

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If someone purchases a gift card and pays $100 for it when do we see the revenue associated with the gift card? What if they never use the gift card? They have paid $100 - but where does that money go if they don't use it? We are using the Shopify Gift Card Product for electronic / automatically emailed gift cards.