Price by location - A feature I really need

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I have 10 retails stores. They often have sales at different times.

Therefore I need to be able to adjust the pricing of each product by location.

For example, location 1 is selling the item for $70 while location 2 has a sale and the same items is $65.


I know there are a few crude work-arounds. Such as adding multiples of the same product at different prices. But this just confuses the staff and makes the UX rather poor.

Please help a long time shopify user keep using shopify.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi there, Cameron!

Diana here from the Shopify Support Team.

I can definitely see how that would be useful, and while there are those multiple-product workarounds you mentioned as an alternative, I agree that doing that can make it confusing for staff members to choose the right product during the sale process. I'll bring this up with the appropriate departments to see if they'd consider including this feature in a future update. I can't guarantee if or when it would be implemented, but letting them know about what you need is a step in the right direction! :)

Thanks for letting us know!

Diana | Shopify Guru ~ Contact Shopify 24/7 at!