Printing Gift Card QR Codes

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I have a lot of pre-printed gift cards that I want to use.  I can generate shopify gift card codes for these on a thermal label which we put on the back of the physical gift cards and we can then sell them by using the normal shopify gift card functionality and manually entering the codes at checkout to activate and redeem them.

I can also get the label printing software to print a QR code along with the code, however everytime I try to scan these into Shopify using the iPad front camera I get an error that it is not a valid shopify goft card.  Yet it is scanning the correct number into the code field and if I manully type the exact same number it accepts it.

Can someone please let me know why shopify wont accept the code from my QR label when scanned by camera, even though it scans correctly, but will manually accept the same code?


Matt Holland

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Matthew!

Justin here from the Shopify Support Team! Thanks for reaching out to us today!

So, the reason why the system is rejecting the QR Code you have printed on the back is the QR codes for shopify gift cards have security data that the POS system looks for when scanning. If the data is not embedded in the QR code, it does not scan, but will allow for manual entry, like you are doing now. 

At this time, the only way to get gift cards that work on Shopify POS is through our Hardware Store and our shiping partner only ships to the US/Canada unfortunately :(

However, I have been notified we are searching for a printer that will ship internationally, so you can look forward to that in the future :)

Let me know if you have any other questions at all ! 


Justin | Shopify Support Guru

Shopify Partner
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Hey Justin,

I was just on a chat with support and they've said that physical gift cards are still only shipping to US, UK, Canada and Ireland and I notice that your post is from a while back.  I'm *very* keen to get cards made that can ship to Australia (and I'm sure others outside the areas mentioned would be too) as shopify is our in-store POS.

In fact - slightly off topic - it would be great to have all the hardware options for Shopify available in Australia that are on  Perhaps there is a business opertunity!?



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We need to be able to order physical gift cards as well in Switzerland! And a sustainable alternative to the plastic cards would also be needed. It's 2020


Hi Manu, we are a Shopify partner and app developer, and we've recently launched a new app - Wave Vouchers that can help offer QR code gift certificates on your Shopify store. The QR codes can be scanned and redeemed through our app, and could potentially help with one-off gift certificate use cases. Although our app cannot directly discount an order if using Shopify POS, we hope to take one step closer towards creating a digital use case for online to offline redemption. Hope this can help you out!

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How were you able to generate gift card code to be placed onto physical gift cards?

Is it possible to generate a gift card code using Shopify pos (iPad)?