Printing Inventory Lists for Stock Check

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I use Shopify to manage my bricks and mortar yarn shop and its online store. We need to do regular stock checks to make sure it's all lining up - there are lots of variants so mistakes happen and sometimes inventory in Shopify needs adjusting to match up with what's actually on our shelves.


What I'm struggling with is finding a way to print out the inventory listed in Shopify to take to the shop floor and check off. I've just been exporting the relevant products from the Inventory tab and printing off but it's clunky and not very user friendly - surely there is an easier way to print an up to date inventory list?


I know we could wield a tablet with the inventory on it but sometimes when you're pulling hundreds of balls of yarn off a shelf, it's easier just to have a piece of paper and a pen.


Please help! Is there an app to print off stock check lists or an option I'm missing in Shopify itself? It doesn't seem like this should be so complicated!

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You can use the INVENTORY report on your admin.

Although I just sent this email to Shopify with my complaint:
VERY disappointed that after the latest upgrade the printing of the INVENTORY report (admin/products/inventory) is all messed up!
This was and is a VERY important report that shopify users uses to:
- Take physical inventories,
- Place orders to suppliers and
- Evaluate inventory status in general

It used to be print out quickly and with the columns neatly arranged, now prints VERY slow (I guess uses large images just shrunk down and not resized), there are no headers, print is all off center and WORSE a floating banner (with Product and SKU) get printed in the page covering the data!!!
Once again, this is a VERY IMPORTANT AND USEFUL report; you can do better than this!


I hope someone will be listening!

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Hi Rosie,
I'm looking at using Shopify for a bricks and mortar Haberdashery shop and online store. Just wondering how you find it overall and which plan you opted for? Was it a fairly easy transition to make?
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Hi Emily

I'm really pleased with it! We use the Shopify plan (not the advanced one) and while it takes a while to get all the stock into the system, it's been really good for us as we sell both online and manage a lot of stock in store. Hope that's helpful and good luck!


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Hi Emily - we use Shopify for our online store and have just switched over to using their Point Of Sale for in-store.


Online store - find it brilliant (much better than our old Magento system), very simple to use and if you are happy with a bit of coding you can do a lot of customisation. We have a fairly complex set of requirements as we sell on eBay, Amazon & Google shopping in multiple countries and we handle all of this via Shopify acting as master and automatically synchronising products & stock to all these channels (we have circa 1k products + variants). Only thing to watch out for is total monthly cost after you have factored in any plug-ins you need (we are running at about $200 per month in total, excluding transaction fees).


POS - Not so great but does the job, it's clearly not something Shopify puts much focus on. We have the Shopify Mpop till system as well. The POS has quite a few irritating limitations (like can't have in-store prices different to online prices, nor can you change the price of an item on the POS). But if you only have basic needs then it works.

We also use 'Stocky' which is the free inventory management app that comes with our plan (not free on Basic), which is excellent and again better that our previous system.

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It would also be *very useful* for the exported version to include the Vendor so it would be easier to sort upon importing into a spread sheet.  This is rather critical for POS users.

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Hi @Rosie_Fletcher 


We have a few clients that are using our Shopify & Airtable integration to accomplish the same objective. When you sync your inventory numbers to Airtable you can easily print them all from Airtable's easy spreadsheet interface. You can also use Airtable's mobile app to do your inventory checks, and to modify inventory on the go. Happy to show you how it works in action. Also, check out our guide on how to manage and track Shopify inventory .