Problem with POS Custom Sale & Discounts

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Something vitally important to me to use this is the ability to get my Shopify order (online and POS) into Quickbooks Online.  There are some 3rd party apps for that.  What they can't seem to sync is Custom Sales because there is no SKU for the Custom Sale - being able to adjust the price of an item at POS would solve this problem!.  And it also has problems with the discounts -  Quickbooks does not have line item discounts so it cant directly sync that.  What some other POS have is a field for the new discounted price that can be synched  - that doesn't appear to be here.

The concept of using Shopify both online and as POS to keep products synched is wonderful.  The real world use at POS seems to be challenging and I am now doubting I can make this work.  In the brick and mortar I charge for repair items and this is not a static price!  I need to be able to vary the price of an item at POS and not have to use Custom Sale to do that.  I need the ability to add a note to a line item that prints on the receipt (adding an item's serial number).  I need the line item discounts to be reflected in a line item's price for export withe the new price.

I paid this month for the POS.  Looks like I'l have to drop it.