Problems Trying to Setup Shopify POS - Blinking Green Light on Receipt Printer

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We recently started using Shopify, and ordered the complete Shopify POS "kit" - ipad stand, register, and receipt printer.

Our retail location is a mall kiosk, so we signed up for a Verizon 4G LTE Router, this unit from Novatel:

We plugged in the receipt printer, using the included CAT3 wire, and fired up our ipad with Shopify POS software, but the green light on the printer keeps blinking, the router doesn't show any connections for LAN ports, and the ipad doesn't see the receipt printer.

We just spent a ton of money, and there's really no road map for trouble shooting this hardware - does anyone have any tips? It's cashdrawer plugged into receipt printer, plugged into router, with ipad on the same network, and they all see each-other and connect automatically?

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Hi Scorp965,

We’ve found that certain LTE routers can be quiet problematic with networked printers, including the receipt printer we support. We do offer a troubleshooting guide for the TSP143L receipt printer that you may find helpful. We also provide a guide on connecting Shopify POS to your network:

In your environment, I would recommend using the Bluetooth receipt printer that we support. Since you’ve recently purchased your hardware, you will be able to return just your networked receipt printer for a refund. If you decide to go this route, please fill out our return form available here: