Products not showing in POS that are all showing on the online site

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For some reason lots of products that are showing on my online site are not showing on the Retail POS.

All products are showing as ticked in the admin under point of sale so should be availble but are not there and not searchable anybody else had this problem and whats the fix

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The only thing I can think of is the collections also have to have POS selected. Check to see if you have a specific collection selected in the app. If so, change it to "All Products" and see if that works?

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I've been having this issue as well, I deleted my POS app and reloaded it,  that seems to have fixed the problem. Also reading up on the compacity of the POS system can only handle 3000-6000 variants depending on what you are using it on. 

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I was experiencing the same problem. I had to delete and reinstall and they are all there now 


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Same here –– deleting and reinstalling the POS app seems to have sorted it out for now!

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We have been experiencing the same issues and have had to delete and reinstall the app EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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We are also having this problem - been happening for a few weeks now. It's weird because it's happening on products randomly - things that were in the POS system the day before suddenly disappear the next for no reason. 

Deleting and re-adding the POS app daily has helped fix known problem products,  but it still occurs on other products. 

This is often discovered with customers standing at the cash desk so deleting and re-adding isn't a feasible solution immediately. Sales associates are therefore selling under a "Custom Product" and then adjusting the inventory manually thereafter on the Shopify backend. 

Of course this leaves it open to human error as staff will forget to do this from time to time and we will end up overselling the product online as a result. Additionally this will affect reporting statistics as Custom Products won't be listed under their appropriate tags and vendor information. 

You working on this problem Shopify?

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I too had this issue. Deleting and reinstalling the app did not work. Instead of went to my shopify from my pc ( not Shopify app or pos,) went to products, selected all my products, checked them all for point of sale (sales channels.)

the problem for me was that only some of my products were available for point of sale. I hope this helps.