Pros and Cons for the POS

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What are the Pros and Cons for a POS with Shopify?

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Shopify POS can connect with bnkle - brick & mortar search. Which means lot's of free advertising and customers in to your store. Take a look on the app store:

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Pros: Easy interface. Simple for gathering emails as part of the transaction. Quick for selling products. Seach function is quick, and being able to pair it with images from the web is really easy too. 


Down side: Don't buy the Dymo printer.  It is terrible. WE have 4 people who have computers so we don't just have 1 to attach it too. And the support software is shit. 

The barcode scanner is shit. It constantly disconnects, and when you put it in the charging cradle it powers off. Brilliant design. 

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We don't have this issue with the barcode scanner. We bought he wireless scanner + cradle (not the 2D scanner) and it does not disconnect when cradled.

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POS cannot handle basic POS functions properly like returns, customer credits, exchanges or order editing. Also if you have multiple stores or need location features for inventory tracking you are out of luck. We have been promised these for almost a year now and nothing.

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we have had shopify for 5 years, my biggest issue with them is that they dont seem to develop the POS system themselves that much. They seem rely on third party apps to solve/fix issues that they themselves should be dealing with. For an employee using the POS its very smooth, but i run into a few issues on the back end that i cant get answers for because they always try to get you to use an app someone else has developed

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Swym just releases Engage, which has POS integration. You can read the post here

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Item exchanges with Moneris terminal is not implemented. That is not real Moneris integration. 

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Hey, @nathan_Smiddy1.

Elias here with Shopify Support. That's a great question!

First, I'd like to thank the community for their sharing their experiences with Shopify's Classic POS and there are some valuable feedback here. While I'm not able to make comparisons between other POS platforms, there are some features mentioned in the thread that is available with Shopify POS.

To clarify, there are two versions available with the all-new Shopify POS - POS Lite and POS Pro. POS Lite comes included with our plans and POS Pro is $89/month per location. Refunds/returns is available on both versions, while exchanges and local pickup/delivery is only available on POS Pro. You can accept exchanges with an external terminal (like Moneris), but you won't be able to record the exchange from your POS which could impact order and inventory management. Both versions of our POS can sync the inventory counts with your Online store. For advanced inventory management like demand forecasting, purchase orders and transfers, the Stocky by Shopify app is included with POS Pro. 

I understand there's a lot of information here, so I'd like to share our guide on choosing the right app subscription.

With that being said, were there any specific features that you're looking for in your POS?

Elias | Social Care @ Shopify 
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