Question/Request - Staff Permissions flexibility for POS

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Please forgive if this questions been addressed/asked recently. Longtime Shopify user, not as long for POS system, but have a question/concern regarding Staff Accounts / Access.

We're adding staff for the holidays and while the option exists to enable "Limited Permissions" for Staff POS accounts, we don't feel this is limited ENOUGH. Is there greater ability to limit staff accounts I'm missing, and if not, can this be added in the near future? Near being in time for the 2018 holiday season? 


Specifically, we don't want seasonal/Part Time staff to have the ability to access the "STORE" tab on the bottom of the POS system AT ALL. Which includes the option to open/close shifts, make register adjustments, enable tips, disconnect hardware, etc.


Thank you, Nick

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I'm sorry that the holidays have come and gone without a solution to your question. I too hope to get information on this subject as well and reopen this conversation.


I too am looking to modify staff permissions. It would be great to be able to prevent staff permissions in the store tab, but also limit the discounts a staff member can give to codes only, prevent disabling tax on orders and prevent a sale without a customer attached to the sale.


I hope this opens the conversation up again.

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I agree too!

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this is an excellent suggestion. how do we make it happen?


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POS STAFF ACCESS Features we need:

  • We don't want all cashiers to do refunds
  • We don't want all cashiers open the register whenever they want..
  • We don't want all cashiers to see that day's total sales or past dates sales numbers?

Thank you.

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It seems Shopify is not listening to this legitimate concern. This kills the whole purpose of permissions for Shopify POS.