Real world implementation of a new company with 3 products using web and POS

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Just a quick background.  We are a new company working on launching our first patented products in the automotive industry.  Customers on a daily basis will be able to go to our website and purchase our products.  They will be paying using either Shopify Payments or Paypal.  Those products will be boxed and shipped out and inventory numbers properly adjusted.  If the products are purchased by and shipped to someone living here in Florida, we will also collect sales tax.  Everything I just described is easily done out of the box with shopify and it works well in our testing.

Now for the tricky part.  On occasion we plan to go to trade shows, home shows, etc to sell our products.  When we are at a show, we will have "some" inventory of products with us that clearly will not need to be shipped out. BUT when we run out of product at the show, we will continue to take payments from customers and ship product to them.  We will also need to collect sales tax in that state that we are selling.

So what is the best way to handle this?  Should I have "Retail" versions of products that have different inventory levels set before we leave for the show?  Then only show those items on the POS?  How can we then switch over to "we need to ship this product" mode?


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Probably change the fullfilment for products you don't have.  I think there is button top of card to automatically fullfill order or not.  Then later you can go to the order and add shipment to order and set fullfill...maybe there is an easier way but not sure.



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Hi Brian,

You can add another location (even temporarily) and set your POS to sell from that location. Tax is calculated based on the location and your tax settings configured in your Admin.

Once you sell out of the products at your trade show, you can continue to create orders marked as unfulfilled, either by changing the status per order, or changing the default in the settings. It's right now at the cart level, not per item in the order, so the whole cart is marked as fulfilled or unfulfilled, but you can pull out Shopify Mobile or use your shop's Admin to mark part of the order fulfilled.

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