Refunds & returns

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Does anyone else find refunds & returns a little messy with the POS? I was using Vend before, it was pretty straight forward:

Create new transaction > Enter refunded item with quantity -1 > enter new item > all items are automatically calculated.

Is there a better way to do this instead of looking up the transaction in the orders tab?

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Hello Whimsigirl :)


At the moment I believe that this is the only way to go about refunds and returns, though I'm sure that further integration is on the way so hopefully it will get better with time



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We are just testing this area of functionality before use and yes it is pretty messy, and open to mistakes.

Would be great to see something along the lines that we currently do for store credits, we -1 the product being returned, and then 'sell' a gift voucher for the same value as a the item being returned. The gift vouchers are then within the system to redeem at a later date, and be marked as issued, redeemed or expired. also these are bar coded receipts so we can just scan them at redemption to bring up the record.

With the POS app there is no way to keep track of store credits which is a real step backwards, and is an area that POS needs to improve quickly. Great product so far but missing some crucial features.