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We have had an issue where a sale that was processed correctly through the POS system (and is recorded in the list of orders) was not included in the Register Summary which is printed off when the register/shift is closed down at the end of the day.  We use this as part of our financial control systems so it is a bit of an issue if a sale is acheieved but not shown on this final daily close down rtecord.

If that wasn't off enough, when the order has been transferred into Quickbooks using the quickbooks app the sale is 1p different in Quickbooks than the actual order processed and paid.  In itself not material but one worries about systemic issues.  I'll obvioulsy take this up with Quickbooks, the app provider.

However, has anyone else come across these two problems?




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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Jonathan-

This is certainly something that you should be concerned about (as from the sounds of it this should not be happening, and frankly, we should have our team take a look at. Would you mind to please submit a support ticket either by phone chat or email? 

We will need :

1- The order number in Question

2-  A record of the log files, which can be submitted through the POS App settings in the "Need Help" dropdown .

Take care, and I hope that we hear from you shortly! Always be sure to contact our support channels when you have an issue like this arise, that is what we are here for :)