Register # is no longer on receipts and we are unable to pull up orders from different registers

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We are noticing two issues.

1. Ever since Shopify POS started adding the actual sales orer name to receipts (we use SXXXXX) we no longer have a way of telling which register a transaction occurred on. I look at the receipt and there is no indication of which register was used.

This is compound with:

2. When attempting to do a refund from 2 weeks ago our users found that they could not pull that receipt up on 3 of our 4 registers. They were finally able to pull it up on the 4th register which I can only assume is because that was the register the transaction occurred on. This occurred whether we used my owner account or their staff accounts to log into the POS app.


Can we have register ID's added back to the receipt (they still show up on the end of day receipt as Register ID: X) and can we have a way of pulling up orders from different registers?

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This same kind of thing happened to us with product imports.

Shopify is making changes that aren't optional and they add complications for no reason, with no explanation or warning.

Try giving them feedback via support. I doubt that'll change anything though