Removing items from inventory for "shop use"

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Hi, I'm new to these forums and new to shopify. Don't even have my shop up and running yet. I have several questions I am trying to answer before I actually "take the plunge" and move from the free trial to the paid subscription and before I buy all the pos hardware. Like I said, I have several questions, but here I will try to focus on just one.


We run a quilt shop and are commonly taking items out of inventory for "shop use" whether to make a display quilt or a quilt someone has ordered. Our hope is that we would be able to use the barcode scanner with the pos system to help us keep track of the inventory we use ourself. I would imagine that I could create my own ticket, scan my items, and treat it as a sale. Is there away in the shopify POS to mark a ticket as "in store use" or something like that? Any thoughts or advice on how I could accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kristen, 

Keith here, I’m a part of the Guru Team at Shopify! :)

Through the POS App this would not be possible but you could create a draft order via your Shopify Admin on any device and use the barcode scanner to quickly find products. This can be done by using the barcode scanner as keyboard on your computer. Here is a great video on how a draft order can be created!

There are a few benefits to doing it this way:

1. You will be able to access "hidden" products. These products will not appear on POS or Online Store but can be added to the draft order in the admin. This will give you an internal use function. You can add a tag or description to identify these products more easilly as well

2. You can still use the barcode scanner to find products quickly

3. Once the draft order is completed you can assign it to yourself for internal use OR you can issue it directly to your customer. They will recieve it in an email what will prompt them to complete the order by proceeding to checkout. 

4. Doing this outside of POS will allow you to better manipulate products and customer details for an easier work flow. 

You can find the complete guid to creating orders here

Hope this helps!