Retail barcode labels - correct label size not showing up as option

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I have not received a solution with this via chat or email support after a week, so I am hoping someone in this community has successfully dealt with this problem. Trying to use Retail Barcode Labels app to print product labels using a new Dymo Label writer 450 (wired, not wireless). I get it connected to our HP laptop and label template created and all looks goode. I get so close to success but when I go to print, the 1" square Dymo label does not show up as an option in the dropdown list. I have the latest Dymo software installed. I need to use 1" square label 30332 and this is not listed an option to select. I was able to select this option when creating my label template but when it comes time to actually print labels it's not there. Can anyone help me with a workaround or solution? I'd like to avoid having to buy an entirely different sized label just to get things to print. thanks in advance.