Same Barcodes for two different products

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When receiving and creating new products, we always have Shopify create barcodes.
We have had numerous occasions when we scan a product and it comes up as "Duplicate Barcode - Multiple products have this barcode.  Select the product you wish to add." 

This is very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this?


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I'm having this issue too. Did you ever find a way to fix this?

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I don't know if Shopify updated anything - I was never notified of a fix.
We have not had double bar codes show up for the last several months.
That being said, we have only just opened from lockdown for in-store shopping - we have only had the problem when the physical store has been open.

I have a feeling it might have happened when we imported product from our old POS system.
I will post if it happens again.