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Hi there,

We started out using shopify in the POS format. We have recently opened our online store using shopify and can't help but notice that the search funtion on the POS is quite literally a POS! There is no way to search variants and upon looking around at the forums there seems to be no plan to integrate that, based on the potential chaotic results the search would yield. We are a small business using shopify and not having this search option feels like you are only catering to stores that have a large volume of products and that is disappointing. Would it be possible to create some sort of advanced search option ex: ticking a box for an advanced search? or using an * to search keywords? This is creating a very negative customer experience for us when we can't locate a product by searching variants. It is causing us to keep our customers waiting, it is very difficult to train new staff on how to operate shopify. The online store search function is great. The POS is not. I don't understand how the online version search can find variants and the pos system cannot. We would really appreciate any help in fixing this issue. 

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I'm assuming you've tried the Search button described here under the section "Search for a product":

Enter the product name or SKU to find the product that you're looking for: