Search of Variants not coming up on POS

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Several of our products have a named variant.

They are badges, so the prodcut title is Patrol Emblems and each variant is named ie: Rose/Fox/Daffodil etc

Patrol Emblems will bring up the option to select the variant from a list, but I need it to give me the option to find just the individual item.

I thought adding tags to the product page of each variant might help but that won't even bring up the main item.  Any ideas what I need to do?  There's not  POS tick box I need to click for each variant that I've missed is there?


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Louise! Shopify Guru Samantha here. :)

Right now the POS search functionality is not quite as robust as the internal admin. Searching the name of a variant will bring up the parent product, at which point you will have to select the variant, as you know. The reason for this is that in large stores with thousands of products, searching a variant name like "large" or "red" would be very chaotic and potentially affect the responsiveness of the app.

Our developers appreciate feedback though, so I will pass this back to them as a feature request. I know we are always working on improving the performance of the POS app, so thanks. :)

Feel free to send an email to if you have more questions.


~Samantha, Shopify Guru