Second-Hand Shop / Supplier Stats

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I'm helping out my friend with bringing her little fashion boutique online. Now that Shopify also offers POS support, it seems like a good solution. However, her boutique is a bit different to other online/offline stores for two reasons:

1) It's a second-hand store, i.e. pretty much all of the product are unique pieces.

2) People can bring stuff to the boutique. Supplier and my friend agree on a selling price. My friend will then try to sell them. If successful, they will split the earned money, if she can't sell it after an agreed time, she will hand it back to the owner.


Regarding 1)

Do you have experience with second-hand stores. Is there a special setup or app, which support the fact that the item amount is basically always set to 1 and that there's no way to order more of the items?


Regarding 2)

How could this be implemented? The splitting of the revenue could make the accounting a bit complicated and also the fact that unsold items are returned to the supplier. In addition, is it possible to search the inventory by supplier? It would be important to check which items have been sold and which are still in store when the supplier comes and asks. Is there also some sort of history/statistics for suppliers as it is for customers, e.g. can you check what supplier's items sell the best?


Thanks for your help