Selling non-inventory items/add ons

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Quick question, 

My brick and mortar is finally opening in 30 days.  I've been looking how to have customer add on purchases.  For example, by the register you have small items like candy, bookmarks, etc.  These are items you would not necessarily want to add to your inventory, but need to ring up for a sale.  Is this possible?  Just key in a certain price for a misc purchase?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Matthew, 

Jack here from the Shopify Guru Team. 

With our POS app there is a feature that will allow you to add a 'quick sale' item. I think this would be best for you, since you are not wanting to add this item to your regular inventory. You can check out our guide on adding a quick sale item for more information. 

Be sure to let me know if you need anything else! 

Jack F