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What is the best way to get the following resolved... if at all possible.

A customer comes in, purchases 5 items. 4 items are small and fit into a bag. However the 5th item is large and he wants it shipped to his home. THis item is not always shipped for every customer just when they ask...

How does that get setup in the Store front?

I also can't go back through all of the instore purchases to determine which orders have shipping and which don't so I can't use the generic "don't fullfil every order" trick either...

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Hi there,

Orders can be marked as fulfilled or unfulfilled by default from the Settings screen as you said, or per order, by tapping the ⋯ button while putting the cart together and creating the order unfulfilled.

This marks the whole order, so it might be better to run two orders through, one with all the items the customer is taking home today, and another with the items that need to be shipped.

We agree that this solution isn't completely ideal, and an improvement to this use case is something we're working towards.

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