Shopify POS Customer View app - Feature requests

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I've been using the new Customer View app from Shopify, and would like to request a couple of features.  I know this is fairly new, but there are some omissions that might make it much nicer to use.  More details are here:


Feature requests:

1) Important!:  Have the ability to display the store logo at the top or the side of the display.  Right now, the display is blank except for the newsletter signup when not in use.


2) Alternatively, have the ability to display a local video or screen graphic when the customer view is on, but not active.  This will allow us to have in-store displays and at a minimum have our logo on the screen.


Thanks for this great new Shopify functionality!

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Customer View has the POTENTIAL to be an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL tool for the customer experience.  Currently its NOT living up to its potential... Here are a few additional features that are currently missing:

Loyalty Program Integration- Loyalty programs SHOULD be jumping on this integration so that the customer can sign up or login (if the store hasn't logged them in yet) through Customer View at any point during the "ring-up" process.

Customer Feedback Integration- A simple smiley or sad face the customer could tap that would open a text box for more in-depth feed back about their experience.

Social Media- Should be able to slideshow through a connected social media account.

Custom Logo- As OP pointed out having the store's custom logo is ESSENTIAL to reinforcing brand recognition.

Video- Should be able to link the customer view to a youtube or vimeo (or other) video service or video file that could play a video ad/commercial for the business.

Come on Shopify! Come on Developers!  Get integrating. There's HUGE potential for this specific app.