Shopify POS - Override Prices or Categorize Quick Sales

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We run a flower and gift shop and we have just implented Shopify as the POS system.  Once it was put into place we quickly discovered a MAJOR problem.  We need the ability to either categorize Quick Sales or override Sale Prices.  

We sell flower bouquets for a variety of prices and there is not an opportunity to enter them into inventory and then relieve them.  We of course have discovered 2 work-a-rounds.  #1 - Take a price reduction off of an item.  #2 - Quick Sale.

#1 - This is incredibly difficult to do when you are rushed and frustrates employees which leads to mistakes.  Why can't there simply be a way to create an item called "Flower Arrangement" and then override the cost...Problem solved!

#2 - When the Quick Sale feature is used the sales are not categorized.  We need to be able to monitor sales based on categories.  Quick Sale does not allow us to do that.  Can you simply add a drop down menu to categorize the transactions?

I have read posts that go back several years regarding this same issue from a variety of people.  I am assuming this is something you are "working on."  Is there an ETA for this feature?  Is there something that I am missing?  Is there an App that I can add?  

This seems like such a simple item and something that is faced daily by brick and morter retailers. 

Please help Shopify!!!  

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Seconded. My workaround was to create $1 items in each category and then we modify the quantity to make the correct price. Quick sale is pretty much worthess. Using a pen and paper would be more useful in terms of data gathering.

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I read about a similar work-a-round and implented it.  It is a complete pain.  If someone buys 3 bouquets of flowers for $19.99 ea The identical item must be input 3 times.  It also completely skews the reporting on the dashboard.  

It seems like such a simple feature to add.  Several people on these boards have requested it.  I am just blown away that Shopify has done nothing to resolve this in a clean manner.  

Ca mon Shopify!  Just allow me the ability to override the sale price for a product.  

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Message To Shopify. 

Are there plans to ever address this short-falling in POS?



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Hi all - we're trying to develop an app to solve this problem.


We'd love to hear about what exactly your problem is and what you're looking for in a solution. Please reach out to and we can talk further.