Shopify POS doesn't work if need to control inventory

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Shopify only offers the option to prevent out of stock items from being purchased online. Regardless of inventory (zero, negative, positive, doesn't matter), any item on the POS sales channel can be purchased thru the POS.

Not having the option to control sales in the POS defeats the purpose linking POS and online sales to the same inventory. 

There are requests for this fix going back to at least 2017 if not before. Shopify's only response is to say that Support Reps will "pass this request along." 

Having staff look at the item details on the POS screen to visually confirm inventory for every single item in a POS purchase is incredibly time consuming (for both customers and staff) not to mention ripe for human error. 

We created an automated collection for just the POS sales channel to only show in-stock items and added that tab to the POS screen...but it's just a search bar (and way to time consuming for staff to scroll thru our huge inventory to ring up customers that way) plus it doesn't handle the UPC scanner anyway.

Anybody got a realistic solution?

And/or any Shopify reps able to provide some real info on the ETA for fixing this?

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That would be a great feature. Able to designate inventory for POS vs online.

It is my opinion that Shopify really only concerns themselves with there online platform. POS is just an excuse to get more revenue. They do not and have not spent time in a retail Brick and Mortar.

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