Shopify POS for pub / bar ?

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We run a small bar / brewery.

We currently use iZettle Pro on an iPad with izettle card reader and mPOP cash drawer.

We are considering doing some e-commerce and online orders/local delivery.


Rather than try and maintain 2 separate systems, I was looking at all in one solutions.

 It seems Lightspeed and Shopify are two options.


How well does Shopify work as a POS on an iPad and a busy bar? 

1) wil it do tabs?

2) Gift cards I assume are well supported?

3) Presumably cash sales dont incur any extra payments to Shopify.

4) Anyway to add inventory based say on a 30Litre keg of beer and then sell in portions of L or pint? Each serving 

would deduct remaining amount from initial 30L keg?

5) Can multiple users easily switch to their own account on the iPad? without removing an existing order from another user.


Anything else.


Thanks :)

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Hey Dirky,

I'm looking at this option currently too. Not sure if anyone from Shopify replied you. Did you eventually use Shopify POS and did it work out well?