Shopify POS for pub / bar ?

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We run a small bar / brewery.

We currently use iZettle Pro on an iPad with izettle card reader and mPOP cash drawer.

We are considering doing some e-commerce and online orders/local delivery.


Rather than try and maintain 2 separate systems, I was looking at all in one solutions.

 It seems Lightspeed and Shopify are two options.


How well does Shopify work as a POS on an iPad and a busy bar? 

1) wil it do tabs?

2) Gift cards I assume are well supported?

3) Presumably cash sales dont incur any extra payments to Shopify.

4) Anyway to add inventory based say on a 30Litre keg of beer and then sell in portions of L or pint? Each serving 

would deduct remaining amount from initial 30L keg?

5) Can multiple users easily switch to their own account on the iPad? without removing an existing order from another user.


Anything else.


Thanks :)

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Hey Dirky,

I'm looking at this option currently too. Not sure if anyone from Shopify replied you. Did you eventually use Shopify POS and did it work out well?

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We started using Shopify eCommerce and POS for our small brewery at the beginning of the year.  The eCommerce is great. Inventory management between eCommerce and POS is seamless. Shopify really has the eCommerce thing down. The POS on the other hand is a different story. The POS is NOT made for bars or restaurants. It is really made for small retail stores. You can not pre-authorize cards and hand them back to customer, you have to physically hold the card and create a cart for that card/customer. To hold a tab, you create the cart and save it under a customer name, this can take a little time and might be tough when you have a tasting room that does high traffic. On other POS systems we have used in the past we could swipe the card and pre-authorize and the POS would read the name on the card.  This was much was much more efficient. The other major issue we have is the POS systems do not talk to each other. We have 2 Ipads with POS app loaded at the same location to help us get throuh lines quicker at our bar.  If a customer opens a tab at one POS, you have to add products and or close out the TAB on the same IPAD. The POS apps do not sync. This becomes difficult when tying get through a line of customers and have to wait for the other POS to open if that customers TAB is on the other POS. They told us there was a third party app that would let us sync the saved carts between IPADS, but this was a waist of money and didn't work. We have yet to find another app that works. We have had to revert to an old school method of keeping written tickets for people holding tabs open, then closing them out at the end. I have spoken to several shopify reps about these issues with the POS sytem and non of them were helpful. They just say they will pass the info along to the development team. Not confident Shopfy will fix these issues. We plan on keeping the Eccommerce and going to Square for the POS then using an app to sync the two platforms for inventory. Unfortunately this seems like it the only option. Hope this was helpful. 

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I am curious which third party app you tried and didn't like ? I've seen UBarTab & DraftPOS referenced. UBarTab seemed to be  fairly well reviewed, though small sample. We're a retail shop with a small bar, so the retail POS is where we see benefit, but the bar tab option is very limited and a drawback for sure.

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We down loaded and installed Ubar when we started running our Shopify POS system. We run two sometimes three IPAD's at our bar. We were never able to get the Ubar app to function correctly. We emailed UBar explaining to them the issue we were having and they said the app needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. We did a back and forth with them a few time but untimely decided the app was to glitchy and not worth our time. We have not tried Draft POS but will look into it. We are basically at the point were we will be keeping Shopify for e-commerce but will be looking for a new POS provider. One that Shopify has an app for so we can cross manage inventory. Shopify not allowing multiple POS stations to talk to each other is serious flaw and makes things very difficult in when busy. 

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This is a really interesting topic, and one we are actively exploring for our next POS app build or simply extending our application that uses draft orders. One thing we are going to be adding is the ability to update a draft. So as a pub, you would be able to open a draft for a particular table, add to it, update it, then pull it back into the cart when ready to actually have the customer pay. Would that work? You can check out our app as well here, there is a 7 day trial so you can play around and see if it will work for your needs. If not, let us know what else you need, as we would love to be able to support the hospitality industry however we can.

Max Sadlowski - CEO - BentoSMB - Shopify Expert