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Hi Guys, 

I am running a Online Store using Shopify in Sweden. Now I am planning to upgrade to the Shopify POS system and wonder if it is accepted by Swedish Tax Agency? It would be the Shopify POS Retail package that I would use.

Swedish Tax Agency want a cash registry with sales system for monitoring purposes... (Link to page about this)

I have searched and found older questions (both here and in other websites) but did not se a clear "yes, you can use Shopify POS in Sweden and Swedish Tax Agency will accept it".

I want to Use the same payment method as of today (Swish, Klarna, Credit Card, Cash, Gift Card).

Hope that anyone can clear this question out for me.

Best from Sweden //Jessica

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Hi Jessica,

My name is Ciarán, I'm a Shopify Support Guru. 

We were in touch with our POS team here and they are aware of similar certificates needed for different regions, but not for Sweden in particular.

They have confirmed that we are not officially certified, though that may not mean that it won't be accepted. The honest answer is, that we cannot guarantee it at the moment.

We are certainly looking to expand our POS services throughout Europe, however we can't give any accurate time-line for Sweden at present. When we do start looking into expanding further we will, of course, take these certificates into account but, for now, our system isn't built for specific certificates so we are unable to verify that 100%.

I hope this helps, we're available on chat, phone or email if you need anything else.

All the best,

Ciarán H | Shopify Guru

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Are there any progress in this topic now, since it was some years ago the question was asked. I'm wondering the same thing.

Are shopify POS certified and approved for Sweden and the Swedish Tax Agencys requirements now?

Best Regards


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Hi. Any progress?