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Old post but still watching. 

Speaking as someone who’s worked in both retail and retail tech for the last 15 years or so, what I see you want as as POS is:

1) definitely touchscreen.


2) stable.

3) reasonably priced.


Given that you can buy a brand new iPad for $379 or so and given how stable it is as a platform, how could any other option compete except for outlying use cases which Shopify isn’t designed for. 


Dear @JoseH,

Retailers are really fond of having a POS system on desktop since it will guarantee a more consistent connection between online and offline platforms (as better Internet connection).

It's really unfortunate that Shopify POS hasn't support POS system on the PC. However, Shopify App store features lots of supportive POS software that are compatible with PC. You can check out ConnectPOS since the app is suitable for both PC (Windows & Mac OS) and mobile devices (iOS & Android). This will support the best performance for your store.

Hope this will help you. 

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.
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Hi Greg, Great input. I hope you can give some advise... we have been running shopify for past 7+ years for our online b2b and b2c channels... works great! In the past we have used POS for b2b trade-shows... again all great!... BUT we are about to open a new showroom in Australia and want to use the POS system for in-store checkouts. I am familiar with the POS solution (from prior b2b trade-shows)... but for trade shows we only took PO's... not full payments at checkout. I am wondering if we should use barcodes with scanner at sales checkout, or use the catalog feature within POS to add items to cart??  If we used a barcode scanner... how do they sync with more than one iPad?... and I'd like to use a larger screen Mac at checkout for other sales actions (emails) - can you run the shopify app on iMac?? I know this was impossibloe years ago - but thought id ask a pro user!!!... We are based in Australia - so some of the hardware options available from Shopify are not supported here yet... so need to find a suitable card reader and barcode scanner. many thanks for your help??