Shopify POS taking draft / deferred orders at a trade show

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Looking to see if Shopify POS is the right tool for this. 

Looking to use at a tradeshow to take draft orders and email an invoice to future customers. No credit card payment needed at the time. 

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Hi Will,


My name is Max Sadlowski and I am the lead developer and CEO of BentoSMB Inc. We are looking to build out a Shopify POS application that solves your specific need and I would love to hear more about how we can do that. There is more information and a form to fill out if you can to give us more details about your needs. 


You can find the form here:

Please feel free to reach out directly as well if you have any questions.



Max Sadlowski - CEO - BentoSMB - Shopify Expert
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Hi there! 


We made this app, Draft And Custom Orders For POS, ( to solve that exact problem


Before this app, you would have to go into the Shopify Admin (on the computer) to create or edit a draft order, and then in order to checkout/charge a customer, you would have to email/send them the invoice link or charge them through your computer.


Now with this app, you can create a custom draft order right within POS, and you can add that draft order straight to the POS cart in order to checkout/charge the customer inside your retail store or in person. Much easier and simpler!


We have a few merchants already using this for pop-up-stores, boutiques, and roadshows. When you create a draft order, you can choose to email a copy to the customer, alongside a link for them to checkout/complete the purchase :)


More info:


With Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS you can now do the following all within the Shopify POS app for any device:

  1. Add existing products from your current inventory
  2. Create and attach a new service (including the length of the service, the per-hour rate, and any supplementary notes)
  3. Create and attach any new custom products that aren't currently in your inventory
  4. Specify a workflow status with your custom draft order (i.e. New, Estimate, Open, Pending, Completed)
  5. Create a new and/or attach an existing customer to the custom draft order
  6. Set a discount on the overall custom draft order
  7. Email the breakdown of the custom draft order to the selected customer
  8. Add the custom draft order straight to the POS cart