Shopify Purchase Order Recommendations

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In implementing Shopify in a new company J.T. Clothiers we have been struggling to find a good purchase order system. This location being a clothing store has over 3,000 SKUs many of which are ordered only once. The Shopify Purchase Order functionality is good, but it is missing some critical functions that I wanted to check with the community on. If anyone has an idea on how to solve this let me know.

  • Cost - This is a minor frustration, but if the product is setup in Shopify already with a cost why does the cost not auto-populate in the purchase order? Instead we have to enter it again, which is frustrating.
  • Recieving Process - This is a common problem in the fashion industry, but in most cases your purchase order when you receive the items there are items you may receive that you did not order. In some cases you keep these items and in others you have to send it back to the supplier. There is no way to add non-ordered items to a Receive Receipt to document what you need to send back to the supplier. This is critical to have this documentation. 
    • Additionally There is no way to print off a Recieve Receipt for documentation when you receive part of your Purchase order, which happens nearly 100% of the time in the fashion industry. For documentation purposes we need to have the ability to print of our internall receipt to attach to the invoice sent with our order. Ideally we should be able to print off a receipt that matches the invoice for the items that we did receive as the supplier expects payment for this invoice for a partial shipment.
  • Cost Adjustments - The cost adjustments at the total level is okay, however what would be better is a cost adjustment per line item. In many cases we will get a cost adjustment on some items but not all when receiving the order if it is late, or perhaps a little dirty, or some other instance. I would like that cost adjustment to reflect back to the item cost. 
  • Linking suppliers - Why are the Suppliers from the purchase orders not linked to the vendor in the product setup? This makes no sense?