Shopify falling way behind Square

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With Square's introduction of contactless / chip / NFC reader AND debit cards in Canada, the old shopify swipe reader is looking tired and costs more per transaction 2.7% vs 2.65% for Square. What is Shopify doing to keep up? What new POS options are coming? The US shopify stores at least have other options, which is sad considering shopify is a Canadian company.    

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I agree Randy and I bet that there are many Candian stores out there that feel the same way.

50.00 USD - Shopify POS

75.00 USD - for a "Monairs" account just so we can accept debit.

Shopify please don't forget to support your Canadian Stores.... after all you are a Canadian Company.  Lets not even MENTION the PENALTY for going to someone "outside" shopify payemnts... shopify... your rates are too high! competive merchant account fees are in the 1.7 - 1.9 % range with an .08 cent transaction fee... getting tired of being "penialzed" by shopify....