Shopify in Hong Kong; card reader?

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in Shopify's web interface, I set up payments options to link to our Paypal account.

in the Shopify POS, I don't see options to accept Paypal or any of its credit cards within the interface; only External credit cards.

we sell handmade gemstone accessories online, in a brick-and-mortar store, and in bazaars around the city here in Hong Kong. we'd like to be able to accept credit cards easily and reliably without having to manually enter the credit card's number or the owner's details. is that possible with Shopify and our iPad/iPhone?

cheers, Gregory

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Hi Gregory,

Shopify POS does not connect directly with your Paypal account like your online store with us does. Unfortunately, our in-house solution for payments is not yet fully global.

You could use an external payment terminal (such as one from your bank) and record it with Shopify POS by using a custom payment type.

Product Manager at Shopify