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Hi all,

Just starting configuring my shopify site and have a few questions with regards to the POS app.

When i use the android version of the POS app i can checkout and select the shopify credit card payment option but when i use the IOS version of the app it doesnt show up and i can even turn it on as an option.

btw im based in Australia.

Also as im based in australia the shopify card reader is not avaliable for our market and as such we have to use an external payment provider? is this right? if so does that mean we have to pay the external payment provider transation fee as well as the Shopify $2% external payment fee as well?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Tim!

This is Carly from the Shopify Support team :)

In regards to the Shopify POS compatibility in Australia, you're correct.  We currently don't have a Shopify integrated payment gateway option in AUS currency, which prohibits the use of the EMV reader.  This means that currently, POS hardware payments options aren't available in your area, but we're working all the time to expand our POS reach!

You are still able to accept payment through the POS app by manually entering in the credit card information at checkout if the customer has the physical credit card with them to make a payment. These are the payment gateway options available for your area.

As for transaction fees, if you're using Shopify Payment and manually capture your credit card information, you'll only be paying the credit card fees associated with the plan you're on, and waive the 2% fees charges by Shopify for using a third party gateway :)

Good luck with your in-person selling!


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What about cash sales? Do they attract a 2% fee?

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Hi! I'm having the same issue: 

Credit card payment available in the Shopify POS app on Android but not iOS!


Is there a way of solving this?