Some feedback

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Here is a list (wish-list) of things I think would benefit:


1) From the products page on the admin, if we could have a history of transactions where that item was sold

2) In the reporting page, I notice that in the order section gift cards used are include in total sales.  Say someone buys a $100 gift card, and redeems it same day.  Should you have $200 Total Sales? or $100?  Unless Total Sales is not NET sales.  Perhaps then add a NET Sales column.

3) Ability to edit price at checkout (in the POS) for a particular item.  Instead of using custom sale

4) A way to give customers "loyalty/membership" card so when they come to the cash register we can scan their card instead of search for customer each time. Customer already has an ID field and we can search via that ID...but can't scan it since the barcard scanner when in iOS mode doesn't scan anything other than products barcode.

5) a place where we can add items we have order but not receive yet.  Like the colum we have for variant qty, maybe have one for variant backorder.  Which then we can use to see which items we have on backorder.  Once the order arrives we cvan use manage inventory which then say you had 2 in stock, 4 in backorder and 3 arrived, then you would enter 3 in the manage inventory which then brings the total to 5 in stock and 1 backorder.


Thats it for now.  Thanks!

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Those are all great suggestions.  Hope someone sees this soon!

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I also need a rewards program. That being said all i really need is the ability to scan a card and have it search the customer database. This is a simple integration for shopifyshopify. Make the qr code on a gift card search customet information first. Then have it so the card is reloadable. If you could offer this service. A customer like me would need to order 500 gift cards to get started and that makes you guy money and adds a lot of functionality to the pos.