Star TSP100 LAN disconnecting

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I am just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with their printer disconnecting constantly for the last few days. It seems to be since the last POS update i think! It had been working fine with the very odd disconnect until now, but it is now disconnecting every 5 minutes and is highly frustrating!

Any suggestions? I have rebooted, changed the cables etc etc

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Lucy!

My name is Giada, I am with the Support Team at Shopify!

Are you referring to the TSP100USB receipt printer or the  Star TSP100 LAN receipt printer that was mentioned in your post? 

At this time the Star TSP100 LAN receipt printer is not a supported device that connects to Shopify's Point of Sale System. While there are occasions that an unsupported device will work with POS System, it can be very hit or miss because our POS System is not setup to be connected to that particular device. 

If you were referring to the TSP100USB, do you have an Apple AirPort Express or an Apple AirPort WiFi Extender connected to the device? The TSP100USB needs to connect to one of these devices in order to function properly. The TSP100USB will also only connect to one iPad. Have you switched iPad's recently at your location or do you have multiple iPads connecting to the receipt printer? This help document goes into more detail about the receipt printer.

We are here if you have any questions! 

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We have been having issues with our network printer for years.   
When we first got it it worked perfectly after they started selling bluetooth printers it would disconnect frequently, but reconnect shortly afterwards.  Annoying but not a huge deal.

Then we expanded and needed a second POS system, we ordered another shopify POS system and this one came with a bluetooth printer... then it started to become a big deal.

At least 10 times per day, the network printer would disconnect, then it would reconnect the ipad with the bluetooth printer.  a sale on that POS would now open the wrong cash drawer.  We would then go through the pain in the butt procedure of re-linking the OTHER ipad with the bluetooth printer then the network printer would reconnect with the proper POS/ipad. 
We did this several times per day.... calling shopify would yield NOTHING in the way of help and just increased frustrations to the point where we would just turn off the second POS (which we paid well over 1000$ for) and have it sit there silent and have customers wait until the bluetooth POS was free.
Please dont recommend that we set the bluetooth printer to be "default printer" because the CRUDDY SOFTWARE just changed the settings whenever it could see the bluetooth printer.

When we opened a second store, we hoped that would end the issue of the ipads fighting over who gets to connect to the bluetooth printer (which they both want)
So now we have the network system at a different address/network and it still drops the printer several times per day - but now it WILL NOT RECONNECT unless we exit shopify, open up the star micronics TSP100 SDK, hit the printer (which that software has zero problems seeing) print a sample receipt which will then cause the shopify software to see the printer again and reconnect so that you can print a receipt fine for a few minutes, then it disconnects again and to re-use the printer we have to go through the process of connecting to the printer via the Star SDK again.

Shopify's solution?  (buy a NEW network printer and see if it still does that).  LOL it's the shopify software that is faulty - a new printer would do the exact same thing.
Ask shopify software to set up a printer?  there is no option for the hardware they sold me - there is only an option for bluetooth printers.  Why can I not just connect the network printing device to the software so that it will not constantly try to connect to something that is not there.   Why is there no setting to manually put in the IP address and/or MAC address of the printer so it will automaticaly find it when it disconnects (which it should not do in the first place)
All I can figure is - they planned it's obsolescence and removed it's functionality from their software to force their customers to buy new bluetooth printers. 
This is disgusting and I would appreciate if anyone in this forum knows of a software solution that can replace shopify for a brick and mortar POS system and websales that shares an inventory.   Every time we pay shopify their monthly fee it makes me upset to pay for something that does NOT WORK as sold or promised and their only solution is to buy another system instead of supporting the hardware they forced us to buy.  (there was no bluetooth printer option when I first purchased my shopify system and no network printer option now)