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I do have a store in Jordan that sells American goods. I have 2 business models: B2B & B2C.

B2B price is different than B2C price. We supply retail shops with these goods, and, now we would like to sell to end customers online.

I would like to fully integrate my original on-premises system into the Shopify store.

My questions are,

  1. Can we integrate both together??
  2. Can we Synchronize the stock in both systems??
  3. Is there a problem with having two different prices, one for Retail, and the other for customers?  
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Yes this is doable using the Shopify API and your store API (or any other way)

I have done similiar integration and happy to assist you


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Hi Nada,

For all of your questions:

1. Yes, you can integrate your on-premises system with Shopify. What matters is what kind of system you're using (like does it have API/is it a legacy system?). As an integration solution provider, we have done several Shopify integration projects for both B2B and B2C businesses, you can have a look at some demo videos to see how the integration works

2. Once you choose to integrate both systems, you can decide which data will be synchronized.

3. Of course setting different prices in 2 synchronized systems will make it a bit more complicated than just synchronizing them all, but if you have interest, our integration strategy can help you to solve this problem. 

If you need a free consultation, you can contact me via email and explain further your needs and your current using systems. 



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You should be able to integrate with your on-premise systems, as long as they have some form of integration interface (ie: FTP, APIs, etc). And there should be no problem with having 2 different price-points for your products. Shopify has wholesale management features built in

May I ask, what on-premise systems are you currently using in Jordan?

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Thanks for your reply and support!