Tap and Chip reader doesn't work on iPhone 12?

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Got a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 14.2, and I also got my brand new tap/chip reader purchased from Shopify. 

The tap/chip reader will not pair with the iPhone 12. Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:

  • removed/reinstalled Shopify POS app (yes, the newer one)
  • Power cycled the phone
  • Let the reader go to sleep, and then woke it back up and tried to re-pair
  • Factory reset the reader using the pin in the back
  • Let the reader fully die (power) and then fully recharged
  • checked bluetooth enabled, Shopify POS app has permission to access bluetooth

Here's the full process:

  • Turn on the reader, since it's new, the lights move side to side waiting to pair
  • open shopify POS app
  • settings > set up hardware > tap and chip
  • Tap and Chip #### shows up right away, press "connect"
  • Wait a few seconds, no prompt for bluetooth pairing, and then the app tells me it couldn't connect

As a final test, I was able to pair the reader quickly with an iPhone 11 Pro Max without issue. 


Thoughts? If it won't work with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, then I will need to return the reader as defective to Shopify and find another piece of hardware. 

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Having this same problem on an iPhone 12 Pro: the Tap and Chip reader is detected in the ShopifyPOS app, but won't pair. I've tried resetting my network settings and even wiped my iPhone with no luck.

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I've opened a case with support and they're not aware of a known issue with iPhone 12, but I've sent the person this thread showing a pattern emerging.