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We are a UK company who sell online and also at many trade events. I am looking for a solution that allows me to do all of the following:

  1. Generate sales reports from each event with accurate sales/income per item
  2. Move quantities of inventory to an 'event location' so they are not available for sale on the website while they are at an event.

Is this something that can be done on Shopify POS? I admit, the reviews have been a bit off putting!! 


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Hi Kenny!

Thanks for posting on the forums!

If you are using the POS system and have reports available, you can create a your own report like a POS location report which shows the name of the location where your POS terminal is, and these can be filtered by date as well

You can also use the Sales by Product report and filter by location to review your item sales as well!

As you are in the UK, if you wanted to use a Credit Card terminal to take payments, you would need to reconsile that with your terminal report at the end of the day

Another report that I really like is the order report, which you can again filter by channel (eg. POS) and date to export specific sales

For inventory, what you can do is create a special collection for each event/ location and only use that collection in the POS, and hide the relevant items visibilty in the online store while they are not available online. You can use the Bulk Editor to update this quicky as well

I hope this helps Kenny and please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Anne :)


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I have these same questions and these filters do do appear to be available with these reports in the Shopify Plan.