US Store selling on-site in Canada

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Is there a way to set a price in another currency for sales on-location in another country?

Right now our prices are all in $US but we will be at an event in Canada later this year. We'd like to set different prices for items sold at that event to allow for the exchange rate and also to have round numbers on our signage and for the ease of making change, etc. For example, a $20US shirt would be priced at $26CA. 

Our online store will also still be live during this event so the same items purchased online need to remain in US$. 

Can this be done?

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

Justin here from the Shopify Support Team! Thanks so much for reaching out to us :)

Right now, it is only possible to process transactions in one currency in one Shopify store at one time. It is possible to add a 'currency toggle' or 'currency switcher' to your theme by adding some HTML code; however, that would not translate over to the POS App. 

So, I know it's not 100% ideal, but you could just open another Shopify account that uses your US address but with CAD Funds that would deposit to a CAD Bank Account at your Banking Institution. You would only have to be on the Shopify Lite Plan for $9.00 USD/month. You could then just shut down the account when you are done with your time in Canada. 

As well, this could open up the possibility of you having a seperate CAD Store for Canadian shoppers to help save on currency fees (we offer a Multi-Store Discount for Multi-Currency Stores)

Let me know if you have any other questions at all ! 


Justin | Shopify Support Guru