Use BarCode Scanner To Pull & Pick Orders Easily By Locating The Correct Inventory In Warehouse

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We are NEW to shopify, but we have been in business for 13 years now. We are trying to decide if we can make Shopify work for us.

We currently use barcode scanners to pull and pick our retail and our wholesale orders. Our scanners are used to set a a warehouse/shelf location and that information is then stored in our database. So when we go to pick an order we simply can scan the order in (our invoices have barcodes on them) And then the scanner shows us the first item on the order and where that item is located in our warehouse.  If we have an order with 50 different items on it, we can still pull that order quickly because we can easily locate the items. After we scan in the correct item (our scanners beeps if we pull the wrong size or the wrong item) the scanner then tells us the next item on the order and the location.. It goes on like this until the order is complete. 

Is there any way to accomplish this by using Shopify's system?