Using two payment accounts with Shopify online & Shopify POS

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Hi there, 

Our business is comprised of two physical stores (owned by one company) and an online store (owned by a second company). 

We currently use Lightspeed for the physical shops and Shopify for the online shop. It's a pain because every new product has to be created on both systems, and inventory has to be manually updated at the close of each sales day. 

I'd love to use Shopify POS for the physical stores and completely sync the product data and inventory. But I'd need the POS sales to go through one payment processor (and bank account), and the online sales to go into a second one. And I need to have distinct reporting so that I can see how much is sold in the stores vs. how much is sold online. 

Is there a way to do this? I spoke with a representative on the phone who advised that I can make a second Shopify account for the POS system, but this would prevent me from snyc'ing the inventory and products. I'd be at basically the same point where I am currently. 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Michael, 

I am Dumitro, a Support Guru with Shopify and I would be happy to shed some light on using the Shopify POS and processing payments with two different processors.

Please review this doc: Add a custom payment method, It will show you how to add a custom payment method and also how to enable "external payments".  I don't have the full details of your setup but i'm assuming the gateway you use to process in store would have their own terminal/machine to accept the payment. 

What this does is instead of processing the payment through shopify, you process it through the external maching and marke the order as "paid" in shopify using this extrenal method. The system would still track the sale in the reports tab and know the difference between the external gateway and the one setup for online payments.

Product inventory will still be synced and you would not needs a seccond shop.

Have a great day, Dumitro R. Support Guru Shopify