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Need some advice on this one. I have a client that has a store full of all sorts of different things. An example is Jewellery. They have products that range in price from $0.99 to $300.00, with all sorts of variations in between (.95, .99, .14, etc). Without adding all of these variations into a product, is there a way to accomplish this?

I was told by a shopify guru that I could use discounts, so the user adds a $200 item, then discounts it to get it to $194.95 kind of thing. This isn't great as it really screws up reporting.

They also recommended adding custom products, which again isn't great, as the products are then not grouped into categories. You cannot add a custom sale to a product category.

Anyone else have any ideas on this?

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See if any of these apps will work. Great company - you might want to talk with someone ... ::: Solid Wood TV Furniture for Enthusiasts. Made in USA.
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Hi, Max!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

At the moment, the two methods you've described would be the best way to get around creating the variants for each product. 

The other option is to try uploading the products using our CSV feature. Depending on how many products/variants your client has it could take a while but at least then you wouldn't have to create custom items or discounts during every sale :).

For more information on how the CSV feature works have a look here:

Hope that helps :)