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We have a product called Grooming for our dog groomer. The values for this product will vary depending on what the groomer wants to charge. So we'd like to setup the product as a type that we have to enter the amount each time we choose this product. For example, if she says the dog groom costs $55, we need to enter 55 in the amount. Each time the amount may be different. 

How do we setup the product to do this?

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Hey there! 

Savannah here from Shopify. :) 

When it comes to Shopify's POS, it's unfortunately not possible to create a product with a variable price. You could create variants for that product manually (up to 100) for each price range, for example $50 groom, $55 groom, $60 groom, etc., but that wouldn't be very exact and it would also be a very tedious process. 

The easiest way for your groomer to charge for her services would be through a quick sale. There's more information about how to do that here

Let me know if that would work, or if you need a more robust solution!

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