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We have a product called Grooming for our dog groomer. The values for this product will vary depending on what the groomer wants to charge. So we'd like to setup the product as a type that we have to enter the amount each time we choose this product. For example, if she says the dog groom costs $55, we need to enter 55 in the amount. Each time the amount may be different. 

How do we setup the product to do this?

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Hey there! 

Savannah here from Shopify. :) 

When it comes to Shopify's POS, it's unfortunately not possible to create a product with a variable price. You could create variants for that product manually (up to 100) for each price range, for example $50 groom, $55 groom, $60 groom, etc., but that wouldn't be very exact and it would also be a very tedious process. 

The easiest way for your groomer to charge for her services would be through a quick sale. There's more information about how to do that here

Let me know if that would work, or if you need a more robust solution!

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Our company has developed an app that solves this issue and I'm happy to share that it was just approved earlier today! You can find it here: If this URL ends up changing, please search for "POS Variable Price Products" in the Shopify App Store.

Here is a short video demonstrating its functionality:

It also features the ability add tax-exempt line items, adjust inventory, and retain COGS reporting. 

For any merchants who are specifically selling by weight, we also have another app specifically designed for that use case (currently with a 5-star average rating):

I'm the founder and developer - if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me directly at